September 12: mile 1933: Human Touch Hostel 

The three of us got a late start to somewhat recover from the three day introduction to the Mahoosucs Range.  After a nice breakfast we got back on the trail at noon.  Mercifully, the terrain difficulty scaled down significantly.  We climbed and descended two significant peaks, Baldpate East and Baldpate West– both almost 4000 footers.  There was some more slab scrambling at the top which is becoming much less fearsome with repetition.  Both summits provided really spectacular 360 views of the nearby mountain scape.  

We also saw some really cool waterfalls on the way down from the summits.  As has been the trend, the weather has been golden– it’s like Indian summer up here in Maine.  We hiked until 6:00 or so and made the road for pick up at the Human Touch Hostel.  It’s a really cool newly built geodesic dome with commanding views of the AT ridgeline from enormous picture windows.  My new back pack was supposed to be waiting at the post office.  The hostel promised to swing me by in the morning on the way to dropping us off.

After watching a stunning sunset from the porch of the dome, I settled in for a rest.  Dancing Bear, Dove, No Beard, and I agreed that we would make the town of Rangely in three days.  We agreed that if we got separated we’d meet there.    Happy trails.

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