September 13: mile 1943: Human Touch part two

We woke up and were shuttled back to the trail head.  In the way we stopped at the post office for me to pick up my new pack.  When I got there the annoyed clerk announced that there were no packages for me.  She clearly didn’t like hiker trash and got short with me when I asked for her to check again.  Despite my shoulder strap being on the verge of I breaking, I had no choice but to get in the car and hike on.

Back out on the trail I got to the top of a hill and got enough service to call Granite Gear and inquire.  They did the tracking and told me the package was delivered to the post office.  I call and tell that to the snippy postal worker and she tells me that it is actually back there.  #%!$&@ worthless postal SOB.  Dancing Bear and Dove had raced ahead and No Beard tells me that there is another road ten trail miles down that the hostel would pick me up at.  So I hike about ten miles and arrange pick up again at the Hostel.  I can still make Rangely by the three days if I hike hard the next two.  

 Back at the hostel I met up with the hobbits and gravity/stick/tengo hombre who had all rolled in.  We all caught up and drank some beers a wee bit past hiker midnight.  In the morning the hobbits announced that they were zeroing at the hostel while I hiked out ten miles down.  Gravity and company hiked out ten miles behind me.  The post office should be privatized out of existence. Happy trails.

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