September 14: mile 1951: Beamus mountain shelter

I got a shuttle back to the trail after finally picking up my new pack.  I’m hiking alone but should be able to push hard and make Rangely to meet up with the others.  The weather continues to be flawless, almost a little too hot if anything.  I decided that if I could hike over the first two mountains I’d be in good position to make Rangely the following day.  Both Old Blue and Beamus Mountain are just shy of 4000 feet.  The hike up Old Blue was long and hard but nothing like the Mahoosucs or Wildcats.  

The hiking in general was hard but manageable. It was refreshing to have a completely alone day in the woods.  I did start talking to myself again but luckily did not answer as well.  When I got to the Beamus Mountain Shelter I quit for the day as it was after six.  It was a little eery at the shelter since I was the only one there.  As such, I didn’t bother with the tent and just spread out on the platform.  Asleep by eight in anticipation of a long day into Rangely in the morning.  Hopefully I will get a signal and figure out where everyone else is.  Happy trails.  

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