September 20: Bigalows reverse slack pack back to Stratton 

I tried to talk Deacon into my slack pack plan.  Truth is, he’s more worn down than I am.  He shuttled out the seventeen miles with me, but instead of hiking south over the Bigalows back to Stratton, he hiked north.  Essentially he skipped, or yellow blazed the seventeen mile Bigalows.  As yellow blazers always say: “I’m going to come back and do that section when I’m done”.  Yeah right.

Well, I can see why he wanted to yellow blaze the Bigs.  They are a doozy.  Right out of the gate are the peaks South Crocker and North Crocker– both 4000 footers.  And they are steep– the first Crocker is a two thousand foot climb in two miles.  

After the Crockers was another mountain called Horn at 3800 feet immediately followed by two Bigalow peaks at 4000 each.  It didn’t help that there was light rain the entire time and the climbing at altitude was obscured by clouds.  I hear that the views atop the Bigalows are unprecedented– I wouldn’t know as the Clouds had visibility at twenty feet or so.

Even slack packing it was a long day.  I got back at 630 around dark.  Waiting for me back at the hostel were newly arrived Stick, Gravity, and Tengo.  It was nice to see some friends.  Alas, they still had the Bigalows to tackle and I have to hike out of Stratton finally.  Tomorrow I hike out again.  Happy trails.

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