September 21: mile 2034: Pierce Pond Lean to

After the slack pack back to the hostel, I shuttled back out to where I had left off.  The weather was perfect again and I set out with pretty easy hiking terrain.  Not five minutes into my hike I crossed a rugged logging road and was greeted by an enormous female moose who immediately ran down the road at high speed.  I was amazed at how huge the thing was.  I had been seeing tons of moose shit on the trail but that was the first live one that I saw– pretty neat.

It was a pretty uneventful day hiking alone.  I only passed one other hiker all day and arrived at Pierce Pond Shelter at around 630.  There was not a soul there so I went ahead and set up in the shelter.  The “pond” was only a few yards down the hill.  In Maine, they often call lakes ponds.  This was definitely a lake sized body of water.  I settled in and spent the night alone at the whole shelter.  Happy trails.

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