September 22: mile 2050: stealth camp

I left the shelter and hiked in continuing perfect weather.  The tiny town of Caratunk is an important resupply point as well as the only river crossing on the trail that requires a “ferry” across.  I hit the river after about 7 miles and waited on a gravel bar with a half dozen other hikers for the canoe ferry to bring us over two at time.  I waited there about an hour for turn to cross the river.  Once across I visited a hostel, one of five buildings in the town, to get some supplies.  In the mean time I ordered two burger baskets and two milkshakes to tide me over.  After about an hour there I headed out on the trail again.  

My October 3rd flight date is starting to look a little iffy so I pushed the miles as hard as I could.  I night hiked for two hours without a shelter in Range– something I don’t normally like to do.  At about 830 I hit a good sized stream and saw some head lamps by a car pulled off on a logging road.  I approached and found a couple of thru hikers whose girlfriends had driven out to meet. I pitched my tent behind their car and went to filter water out of the stream.  That was an adventure in the dark resulting in me almost falling in.  

I cooked and eat in the dark satisfied that my night hike gamble had ended well.  Happy trails.

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