September 29: mile 2149: lake campground 

I woke up early to cold temps again.  The weather was clear and in the forties.  Supposedly everything is to be fairly flat the rest of the way to Mount Katahdin.  It certainly was pretty flat this day.  I was slowed down by ankle and the toe nail that had finally torn free.  Luckily, both injuries were on the right side.  With my one good leg I made some pretty good miles.  Other than lots of tree root snarls, the hiking was a welcome easy stretch.  

The wilderness was just gorgeous with a new lake every five miles or so.  I really wish that I’d booked my flight later to accommodate a slower pace with more opportunity to enjoy the wild Maine scenes.  I resolve to hike this wilderness again sometime and enjoy it more leisurely.  By the end of the day I hiked 22 miles— a very good effort given my lingering injuries.  

I pulled up to a lake camp site that had a privy and room for a dozen tents or so.  As I burst through the undergrowth, I immediately saw roaring campfire and my friend Achilles and his girlfriend and father.  If that wasn’t good enough, there was a guy unloading a wagon he had pulled from a nearby logging road.  He was putting on a trail magic spread for the next day.

To sum up the day:  22 miles of easy, gorgeous hiking culminating in a roaring campfire with food and five cold beers.  Cha-Ching-o-Rama.  Happy Trails.

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