May 18: mile 532: Marian Virginia: shuttle back to Damascus 

We broke camp early to make the ten miles to make the shuttle into Marian.  The terrain was easy and I rolled into the welcome center at 1230 for the 230 shuttle.  There were about 30 hikers waiting already and we placed a 100 dollar pizza order to tide us over.  From Walmart I hitched a ride with Juan Gone and Sticks to Damascus for 50 bucks split.  

I was lucky enough to reserve a bunk on a late cancellation and avoid tenting in tent city with 2000 other hikers.  My three bunk mates were 60 year old gals that have had their bunks reserved for fifteen years.  I got into town at about 7 pm and had enough time for a six pack and a pizza.  The festivities start in earnest tomorrow.  Happy trails.

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