May 19-20: Damascus trail days

The last couple of days have been a hoot.  The hikers march in a parade by year of completion while onlookers throw water balloons and spray water.  My new friend Vera introduced me to some hammock makers that she new and got me hooked up.  I have my new Oboz boots and had some gear repair done.  

On Friday I rode the Creeper Trail which is 17 miles down a mountain following a white water trout stream.  It was pretty neat.  I visited tent city where a couple of thousand hikers were residing during trail days.  Things got pretty out of control after dark with folks dancing around huge bonfires in body paint accompanied by drums.  It was a very tribal, drunken atmosphere — very surreal.  All in all, it was pretty wild to see that many hikers all in one place raising hell.  Tomorrow (Sunday) we will be back on the trail until Thursday when I’ll meet up with my sister and her friends for three days of hiking.  Happy trails.

One comment

  1. Living the dream! So jealous, I’m living vicariously following your journey. Wishing you the best.


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