June 14: waynesboro 

Woke up at the Quality Inn and did my various resupply chores.  Walked to a laundromat and washed cloths.  We got a ride from Mishap’s mom to the outfitters to get new tips put on my trekking poles and to buy cooking gas.  A trip to Walmart to buy food finished up the chores.  Blue Stem, Cody, and I went to a bar grill called Jacks where I had the best burger I’ve had in years.  Great beer selection too.  We were all in a low key mood so we picked up a couple of 12 packs and hung out most of the rest of the evening.

It was great to see Blue Stem again.  He was definitely frustrated with the knee situation.  I gave him some prednisone to try, hopefully it will straighten out some in the next few days.  He is going to rent a car tomorrow and zero a couple more days.  Tomorrow we hit the trail again and will be entering the 105 mile Shanandoah National Park.  Happy Trails. 

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