June 15: mile 872: stealth camp

Blue Stem rented a car and took Cody and I back to the trailhead around noon.  He dropped us off at a hotdog/popcorn stand right at the trail head. So we had lunch before jumping off.  The rest of my recent crew started a couple hours before, so they will be difficult to catch.  Cody is pretty fast too so I let him hike ahead.  I figure I’ll do the shanandoah solo again.  

I must be hung over because I’m really low energy and struggling with some pretty flat and easy hiking.  I was hoping to get 12-15 in but at around 530 the skies darken and thunder starts to erupt.  I finally find a spot barely big enough for one tent at about 7 just as the rain starts.  I got my tent up just in time and had to eat bars and chetoes for dinner.  After ten miles I am in for the night.  More rain coming tomorrow, but if I can do 17 miles I’ll have a campground store with beer.  Wish me luck, happy trails.

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