July 5: mile 1082: Trail of Hope Hostel

After a much needed break in D.C. I was dropped off at the trailhead in the rain at noon.  I hiked about three miles to the first shelter.  When I got there I ran into Mishap getting ready to head back out.  She enlisted me in her plan to hike another thirteen miles to the Trail of Hope Hostel.  It rained off and on all day keeping the temperature reasonably cool.  The hiking was easy and relatively flat.  We arrived at the hostel around 7 and grabbed a bite at a nearby restaurant.  

The hostel is run by Pentecostals and it appeared that bible studies and jesusification were included in the 22 dollar price.  A strange place, to say the least.  The weather forecast calls for thunderstorms for the next two days.  Normally a zero day would be a consideration.  But Pentecostal land is not the kind of place that I would want to spend 24 hours and I’ve only been back on the trail for one day.  So the plan for tomorrow is to hike 20 miles in the rain to another hostel.  I can’t believe that I am again following the plans of Mishap who is aptly named.  I remind myself of the truism: no pain, no rain, no Maine.  Wish me luck in the rain and happy trails.

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