July 6: mile 1102: ironmasters Hostel 

We woke up at Pentecostal land and prepared for a day of non stop rain showers.  Mishap and I jumped on board a twenty mile slack pack opportunity to the next hostel.  We set out around nine and were joined by a stray whom we had picked up the day before– a 60 year old guy from Virginia who had jumped on the trail ten days ago.  Since he slung a day pack over his back on a trekking pole, we gave him the trail name of Hobo.  

It rained most of the day, but Mishap, Hobo, and I made phenomenal time over some of the easiest trail that we’ve seen so far.  I finally felt stronger and healthier than I have in s month.  I think that I have probably had the intestinal parasites for quite some time.  I’ve been getting weaker and weaker for many weeks.  Hopefully the meds have that licked and I’ll continue to get stronger.  Because of the rain the temps were in the 70s all day– a very nice reprieve.  

Forward the end of the hike today we also passed the geographical half way point of 1092 miles.  It’s all down hill now.  As is traditional at the halfway point, I completed the half-gallon challenge of eating a half gallon of ice cream in 60 minutes.  Since the parasites interfere with the absorption of fat and lactose, this will be a good test of whether they are gone.  The pizza that triggered my projectile vomiting and diarrhea earlier was nothing compared to a half gallon of ice cream.  I’m crossing my fingers.  So are the other 14 guys in my bunk house.  The hostel is a nineteenth century mansion converted into a hostel/wedding reception venue.  It’s pretty cool.  

It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow but I am excited to see if my recovery extends.  Mishap and Hobo and I will try to pull another 20 mile day.  Happy trails.

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