August 6: mile 1536: North Wilcox Mountain Shelter

We got out of town a little late with a trip to the donut shop first.  I taped my feet up with bandages and popped four ibuprofen and was ready to roll.  The weather was a fabulous sunny 74 degrees.  We only made it three miles before we hit a trail magic stand with burgers, pop, and beer.  Due to the late start I determined that it was not too early to have a couple of cold one.  The sponsor was a guy who South bounded the trail last year.  His trail name is Little Girl.  I probably would have fought pretty hard against that one if it were me.  Oh well, Little Girl’s trail magic is appreciated.  We have been crossing tons of south bounders for a couple of weeks now.  They start from Maine in early to mid June and finish in November or December.  It’s fun exchanging recon with what’s ahead.  It’s also nice having 600 miles left instead of 1500.

The terrain is pretty tame except for the Massachusetts bogs that appear intermittently.  Sometimes they are boardwalked  and sometimes not.  In addition we had to climb two pretty significant peaks.  We pushed pretty hard and made the shelter at sunset.  Dancing Bear and two other south bounders slept in the shelter and I was the only tenter.  I am really getting cold at night without my sleeping bag.  We will shoot into tyringham for a mail pick up tomorrow.  Happy trails.

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