August 7: mile 1550: Lee Mass Super 8

We got up early with the threat of rain in the forecast.  We were up by 630 and the other two guys were gone already.  We got about two hours of hiking in before it started to rain again.  My cloths and boots were already wet from the previous day.  While the rain only lasted for an hour it guaranteed that everything would be wet for the rest of the day.  The weather actually improved and the sun came out for the remainder of the day.  Unfortunately the wet was really taking its toll on my feet.  In addition to the usual foot issue, a raw, chaffed area opened up on the bottom of both feet.  I hiked through the pain with the help of vitamin I.

We tackled a couple of really tough climbs of 1400 and 1000 feet.  The second one had iron rungs drilled into the rock at certain places that would have been near impossible without climbing gear.  We cranked out our 16 miles and reaped the reward of a night in town as we checked into the Super 8 in Lee Massachusetts.  After a shower, my feet were so painful that I could nearly not walk the quarter mile to the laundromat and pizza joint.  If there is not huge improvement in the morning I’ll have to zero tomorrow and let them heal.  Happy Trails.

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