August 9:  mile 1577: st Mary’s church, Cheshire Mass

We woke up early and hit the trail.  The weather was nice, if a little hot.  The terrain was pretty flat and easy with one 1000 foot ascent and descent.  The trail took us right through the town of Dalton, Mass where we stopped for s nice lunch at java and juice.  We hiked on after lunch following some streets through Dalton until we were back in the woods again by 2:00.  

After a couple of more hours of pretty easy hiking the trail took us through another town, Cheshire, Mass.  We stopped at an ice cream stand and commiserated with hikers Happy and Doc.  They related that a local Catholic Church let hikers camp in the yard behind their parsonage. Across the street appeared to be some kind of block party gearing up.  So we decided to stay and pitched our tents at the church around six o’clock.  We went to the block party and found it to be a little too churchy for our tastes.  So Dancing Bear and I walked a half mile to the only bar/restaurant in town.  

We had a nice dinner while I explained to Dancing Bear the meaning of red neck in English.  Before long the definition presented itself in the form of highly intoxicated Mike and Jeff.  Jeff was fascinated by our adventure while Mike repeatedly informed us how fucking stupid it is to walk that far and asked us at least 20 times why would do something that fucking stupid.  Jeff was trying to calm Mike down while Mike drunkenly demanded to know what we thought about Donald Trump.  Having been warmed up by being called stupid a dozen times I turned to Mike and gave him a thirty second rapid fire rant outlining my general opinion on the matter.  Jeff sat Mike down and we all bought beers for each other while Mike retrieved something from the truck that we “had to see”.  When Mike returned we all marveled at his saucer sized, gold plated, Franklin Mint, coin replica of Donald Trump.  Having decided to keep the peace, I agreed with the consensus that it would damn sure be worth something someday.  It weighed as much as if it were solid gold, a point that I said to Mike that if it were, in fact, solid gold, I’d have to knock him in the back of head and take his trump coin.  That got Mike riled up again until Jeff again intervened and impressed upon Mike that I was pulling his leg.  The evening concluded with a spirited debate as to whether donkeys do, or do not, kill coyotes in the protection of cows and other live stock.  After Jeff settled the matter with a google search I conceded my ignorance of donkey proclivities and admitted that I am, occasionally, wrong, just never when it comes to my opinions of sonofabitch presidents.

The evening ended with an expertly Yogied ride by Dancing Bear, from Jeff.  After he dropped us off he told us to wait five minutes because he had a present for us.  Jeff returned and presented us with a quarter bag of weed while we stood bemused in the Saint Mary’s Assumption parking lot.  “I’m sorry about Mike,” he said, “I think you guys are going to need this”.

Dancing Bear turned to me and in his best German accent said: “des guys da neck red?”  I said yes DB, those guys are red necks, how could you tell?”  Dey have da pick-up truck he said laughing.

You can’t make this shit up.  Happy trails.

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