August 10: mile 1590: camp in woods

We got out late again due to some more rain in the morning.  It finally started to clear up and we immediately started up the five mile climb to Mount Graylock– the highest peak in Massachusetts.  The climb wasn’t particularly steep or technical but was just relentless in the fact that it is five miles of hiking up hill without a break.  There is a road to the top and it appeared to be a hugely popular tourist destination.  At the top there is an impressive war memorial and a small CCC built lodge/hotel callled Bascom Lodge.  It is named after the same John bascom for which Bascom Hall at Madison is named.  Apparently he retired as president of the university of Wisconsin and came out here to have this lodge built.  

It was around four o’clock by the time we finished with some snacks and started down the other side of the mountain.  We then hiked around a ridge line and sumited mount William. We hiked down that mountain into the town of North Adams.  While tempted to divert to some of their local convience stores, we obstained and hiked through town and back into the woods.  As it was getting dark we set camp at a camping site about three miles out of town and a third of the way up a sizable peak.  Happy trails.

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