September 16: mile 1982: stealth camp

I got a late start after joining a couple of aging hippies in town for breakfast.  The weather continues to be great, if not too hot.  I am reconciled to hiking alone again– they had no choice but to speed ahead.  Nonetheless, it will be an adjustment.  

The hiking was hard with the largest ski resort mountains arrayed in front of me.  Saddleback mountain is the first obstacle– a 2300 foot climb to the summit at in excess of 4000 feet.  Again the surreal scene of ski infrastructure at the summit with no one around was strange.  Immediately after I climbed the 4000 foot Horn which was extremely steep up and down.  Both peaks were above the tree line.  Again, amazing views from the top.  Maine is, by far, the most beautiful state.

At the end of the day, I grabbed a stealth spot near the bottom of horn and called it a day.  I didn’t really see anyone and camped alone.  Happy trails.

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