September 17: mile 1975: stealth camp at overlook 

I woke up early at got cracking.  I met a dude who tented near by the name of Deacon.  It was nice to run into someone about my age.  I set out while he was still eating breakfast.  Today is round two of the eastern ski hill climbs.  Great, hot weather combined with steep climbs of Mount Abraham (4000 feet), Mount Spaulding (4100 feet), and Sugar Loaf ski resort at 4200 feet.  Geesh.  In between mountains I met Deacon at a shelter.  When you’re hiking alone you take your social stimulus as it comes.

The hiking was tough, especially Sugar Loaf.  It’s the largest ski resort on the eastern seaboard.  I experienced some of the runs with trekking poles instead of ski poles and I can say that I won’t be skiing that puppy.  Yikes.  Some steep ass shit. 

The descent, as always, was even scarier than the up.  After three mountains, I gambled and hiked late into the twilight hoping to score a one tent stealth spot at an overlook.  Just as the ski went dark I nabbed it just in front of the spectacular overlook.  Two hikers came by 30 minutes later with head lamps hoping to get the same spot.  Nighty night, and happy trails.

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