September 23: mile 2066: Horseshoe Canyon Shelter

I woke up early so that I could get as many miles in as possible so as to leave as short of hike as possible into the town of Monson the following day.  The hot weather continued and the terrain was fairly flat and manageable.  The rocks and snarls of tree roots did slow things down some.  As is typical in Maine, there were the occasional bog to contend with as well.  I continued to hike alone and again reached the shelter at 630 right around sunset.  There was no one at the shelter and I again skipped pitching my tent sence I had the shelter to my self.  

I must be hiking between bubbles of other hikers  because I am not seeing many north bound hikers.  If I wasn’t on the tight flight schedule I would probably slow up and let Stick, Gravity, and Tengo catch up to me.  Tomorrow I have an easy seven miles into Monson, the last town on the trail and the main resupply for the 100 mile wilderness.  

I heard from a south bound hiker that Miss Janet and her new pilot boyfriend just pulled off the ultimate trail magic of all time.  They borrowed a sea plane and landed it on a lake half way through the 100 mile wilderness.  They then grilled burgers and pizza for some very surprised hikers in the middle of the 100 mile.  Go Miss Janet– I wish I could have been there.  Tomorrow it’s town time.  Happy trails.

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