September 24:  Monson Maine: Shaws Hostel 

The hike into Monson was easy and uneventful.  I arrived a little before noon and had time to hit a restaurant, do laundry, and buy some unbelievably expensive resupply food.  I intend to try to complete the 100 mile wilderness in six days which would leave me one cushion day in case there is weather on Mount Katahdin.   I really wish that I had booked the flight later so I could zero and rest at Shaws Hostel.  But I will hike out tomorrow.

Shaw’s Hostel is one of the most famous hostels on the trail.   It was full with probably 40 hikers staying getting ready for the wilderness.  I saw Bambi again there but did not know most of the other hikers.  I decided to spring for a private room to make sure I got enough rest.  I’m really tired and foot sore and could use a zero.  The forecast for the next two days is for humid weather with highs reaching 90 degrees.  

I take it pretty easy the rest of the day and compile my 18 pounds of food for the wilderness.  That shoots the pack weight with two liters of water to a back breaking 48 pounds.  It will, of course, go down as I eat the food.  But the first couple days will be heavy.  Happy trails.

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