September 25: mile 2085: Wilson shelter

I woke up and couldn’t get shuttled back to the trail until 10.  By then it was already hot.  The wilderness is supposed to be mountainous and difficult in the first half and then much flatter in the second half.  The first mountain range is the Chair Backs followed by the less difficult White Caps.  

The terrain was a little rough with constant smaller up and downs.  But it was the heat that was the worst.  It was in the low 90s with high humidity in northern Maine in late September.  Unbelievable.  I was further slowed down by having to filter so much water.  I drank and filtered eight liters of water.  I figured almost an hour burned up getting and purifying water.

The trail was amazingly well marked/blazed and had parts that had been worked on.  There were sections that had large rocks set as stepping stones through bogs and as steps up hills.  The trail maintenance surprised me given how remote and inaccessible the wilderness is.

By the end of the day I pulled into Wilson Leanto soaked with sweat after only ten miles.  Not a good start if I’m to do the 100 mile in six days.  The shelter filled up by the end of the night and it was crowded with over a dozen hikers.  I hope avoid the shelters going forward.  Happy Trails.

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